Provincial Agricultural Observatory

The Provincial Observatory is entrusted with the task of resolving any differences in application and/or interpretation of existing contractual rules: For this purpose it incorporates the minutes of the agreement of June 30, 2006 “Convention of the Constitution of the Provincial Joint Commission of Conciliation”.
A Commission of Conciliation aims to provide Employers and Employees a more flexible range of arbitration, as an alternative and not a replacement, than what is provided by current laws.

The Commission, in agreement between the parties, can be supplemented by an outside expert for each part in the event of disputes regarding the establishment of qualifications.

Members of the Provincial Observatory:

  • Carrus Salvatore - UILA - UIL Mantua, President, Provincial Observatory Mantua
  • Pirovano Marco - FAI - CISL Asse del PO
  • Nalin Ruggero - FLAI - CGIL Mantua
  • Roncalli Giovanni - COLDIRETTI Mantua
  • Mainoldi Alberto - CONFAGRICOLTURA Mantua