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As part of the bargaining of agricultural and floricultural workers in the province of Mantua, to supplement the income of workers on furlough due to illness or injury, without penalizing excessively the farms, the provincial inter-union agreement signed February 25, 1963 led to the establishment of a "Commission for the integration of inter-union health insurance of casual and permanent agricultural workers" headquartered in the Agriculture Building in Piazza Martiri di Belfiore n. 7, in order to provide the above-named workers, absent from work due to illness in the 1962-63 agricultural year, with supplementary income to that paid by I.N.A.M. (National Institute Illness Assistance).

The provincial agreement was then signed by the Provincial Farmers Association, in the person of the Director, Dr. Orazio Fogato, and the Provincial Federation of Farmers, in the person of the Director, Mr Giancarlo Siena, as representatives of employers, and the Provincial Federbraccianti CGIL, in the person of the Secretary, Mr Albertino Fornasari, the Provincial CISL Braccianti, in the person of the Secretary, Mr Mario Morra and UIL Terra Provinciale in the person of the Secretary, Mr Renato Zucchi, as representatives of agricultural workers and employees.

To make the provision of this allowance possible, the Employers paid into a common fund (established in a cassa extra legem fund), a contribution equal to 67% from the Employees and 33% from the Employers, for a total amount of 2 lire per hour.

This contribution was collected by the Unified Agricultural Contributions Services (SCAU), following a convention signed with the same institute, as a result of Law 15 May 1963 n. 858 and subsequently Law 12 March 1968 n. 334, and paid into a bank account of the above-mentioned Inter-Union Commission (cassa extra legem) operating for this purpose.

This Fund’s name was later changed to Inter-Union Fund for Illnesses and Accidents "C.I.M.I.".

The C.I.M.I. Fund of Mantua, one of the first Funds created in Italy, was established as a cassa extra legem, without any legal and institutional capacity, this being the reason why it is not legally recognized and therefore unable to operate autonomously.

The same Fund, which was located at the Farmers Association of Mantua, worked through the Trade Union Organizations signatories to the Provincial Agreement, to which was added a third trade union Organization of Employers, the "Rural Alliance" which later became the Italian Farmers Confederation CIA, who made their own officials available once or twice a year, to collect data of those with illnesses and paid out benefits to those needing it.

With the evolution of the various provincial contracts, the C.I.M.I. Fund has continuously improved its services, extending to cases of Accident and Maternity, increasing economic benefits provided to workers over time up to 80% of the conventional daily salary, determining that the contributions necessary to finance such a fund be paid on an equal basis, between employers and employees.

With the increase in services and the need to ensure new benefits and new services for workers, it was necessary to provide the C.I.M.I. Fund an organic and legitimate institutional presence and therefore on December 28, 1995, following a constructive dialogue between the trade unions which are signatories to the Provincial Agreement, the trade unions FISBA - CISL, FLAI - CGIL, UILA - UIL representing the Workers and the Provincial Union of Farmers, the Provincial Federation of Farmers and the Italian Confederation of Farmers of Mantua, representing the Employers, in the persons of its Legal Representatives pro tempore:




Annibale BINI, for the Provincial Union of Farmers

Spartaco MARI, for the Provincial Federation of Farmers

Mario LANZI, for the Italian Confederation of Farmers

as FOUNDING MEMBERS and Constituents, officially formed by notarial deed, the new


for Agricultural and Floricultural Workers of the Province of Mantua

With immediate effect, in addition to the MEMBERS ASSEMBLY and a BOARD OF AUDITORS, the C.I.M.I. Fund formed a MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE, composed equally of representatives of the six Trade Unions, agreeing unanimously that the President and the Vice President of both bodies be the same, agreeing to a fixed rotation of the President every three years, as the responsibility of the Trade Union Confederations of Agricultural Workers, and every year for the Vice President, as the responsibility of the Organizations of Employers of Agricultural Workers.

For the first financial year, inaugurating the fund’s new season, the following were appointed:

Luigi ARIOLI, from FISBA-CISL, as President;

Roberto CAGLIARI, the Provincial Federation of Farmers, as Vice President.

The Fund was, from the beginning, co-financed by Employers and Employees, initially with workers providing a larger portion and then in parity, and still today those contributions are collected through an agreement signed between the parties with INPS, in compliance with applicable laws, and with the authorization of the Ministry of Labor.

Since 1996, C.I.M.I. has acquired its own headquarters, located in Via P. Amedeo n. 27 in Mantua, which has also become the permanent location of the various joint committees and for contractual discussion.

In addition to this, the Fund now has its own permanent and autonomous operational structure and its own employees.

The purpose of the Association is to ensure the provision of benefits for illnesses, accidents and maternity, as well as any supplement provided for by the national and provincial contracts.

In summary, C.I.M.I. intervenes to supplement public assistance to permanently and temporary employed agricultural and floricultural workers and employees of farms in the Province of Mantua, in application of the current National Collective Labor Agreement and Provincial Integration Contract for agricultural and floricultural workers.

The Association also has the opportunity to promote informational, educational and vocational training activities of agricultural workers, employers, union leaders designated by the provincial organizations signatories of the agricultural labor contracts and managers of the C.I.M.I. Fund of the province of Mantua as well as manage, on its own and/or on behalf of the Provincial Committee for Security or other organs of collective bargaining, programs for the promotion of health and safety in the workplace.

The training activities include study tours in other countries, with the aim of making political-union exchanges with unions of agricultural employers and employees in local realities, in order to develop and deepen "knowledge on contractual relations and social protection and assistance for agricultural workers" existing in the various EU countries.

In recent years, there have been gatherings of unions of agricultural employers and employees from the following countries and territories: Spain, France, Ireland, Hungary, Portugal, Sweden, Sicily, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, England, Russia.