Provincial Joint Committee

In view of the standards set by the National Labor Contract for agricultural and floricultural workers signed on July 10, 1988, article 5 appendix. n. 5 para. 8 - the "Joint Provincial Committee for Security and Health in the workplace" of agricultural and floricultural workers from the province of Mantua was established in order to coordinate and manage the activities of the Decree 626/94, as per the indications of the National Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The Joint Committee has the following tasks:

  • Collection and management of lists of Security Representatives with the necessary training;
  • Promotion of surveys on training needs in the field of security, for both the Security Representatives and for other workers;
  • Collaboration on training programs;
  • Programs for the promotion and protection of health and safety in the work place

The Joint Committee consists of six components of direct emanation of the parties to the current CPL (Provincial Labor Agreement).

  • Casari Attilio - Mantua CONFAGRICOLTURA and President, Provincial Joint Committee Mantua
  • Pirovano Marco - FAI – CISL Asse del PO, Mantua and Vice President, Provincial Joint Committee Mantua
  • Nalin Ruggero - FLAI - CGIL Mantua
  • Carrus Salvatore - UILA - UIL Mantua
  • Roncalli Giovanni - COLDIRETTI Mantua

Forms dedicated to the grants provided for companies related to Health Inspection and Safety Training.


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